About us

The Let's Talk Kids learning kits are created by licensed professionals.  

Meet our team. 

Wendy Walz is a licensed early childhood, parent educator with decades of experience supporting young families and young minds.   She has often said that the best toy children need are their parents.  She created the content for the Let's Talk Kids learning kits with the idea that parents and young children can learn together.  The kit is easy to take on the go and use anywhere.  She is the mom of Cinnamin and Candi. 

Cinnamin Theisen is also a  licensed early childhood, parent educator.  She believes parents are the first and most important teachers of their young children. Along with Wendy, she created the content for the Let's Talk Kids learning kits.  She is a mom of two children. 

Candi Seil has a masters degree and taught college.  She believes parents play an important role in a child's education and she saw first-hand how important it is to encourage learners to believe in their skill sets.  She worked with Jackie Levin and the Power of Possibility and the African American Babies Coalition to create the ABC's for GROWN UPS: Affirmation for Well-Being to support the wellbeing of parents, families and children of all ages.  She is also the mom of two children.

Let's Talk Kids works with school districts, nonprofit organizations, businesses, hospital groups, insurance companies, counties and cities to get the learning kits in the hands of families who would benefit.  We also sell directly to families.  Many purchasers report that the learning kits are the perfect Baby Shower gift. 

To find out more, please contact Candi Seil at: candiwalz@gmail.com or by phone at (651) 291-5303. 

In 2014, Let's Talk Kids was a semi-finalist in the Minnesota Cup business competition.